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Bersa BPCC

About Bersa BPCC

The Bersa BPCC is a semi-automatic pistol that was introduced to the market in 2010. It’s a semi-automatic, recoil-operated DA/SA pistol. The BPCC series of Bersa pistols has a includes three pistols, all of which have a representative number in their model name, which indicates the caliber it§s chambered in.


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About Bersa BPCC

The Bersa BPCC series represents a family of BERSA’s first polymer semi-automatics. This series is well designed for a concealed-carry personal protection, as off duty or a backup gun.

The BPCC is a lightweight, compact size and ultra thin weapon. The pistol is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP calibers.

It is a double-action trigger model, with the locking barrel design. The barrel length is 3.2”; the total length is 6.3” and with the width of only 0.9”.

The BPCC’S ergonomic design improves a line of sight, using quality materials and progressive manufacturing processes, providing better control during the use.


The BPCC model has three-safety features that work automatically and effectively together. The firing pin safety; the second is trigger locked that prevent the possibility of an inadvertent trip falls, shock or vibration and the last one is the insurance charger, which prevents percussion if the charger. The BPCC series provides excellent accuracy and decisive firepower and became popular because of the quality, reliability, and durability.

Bersa BPCC facts

Bersa summary

Type: Pistol

Produced: 2010 -

Caliber: 9mm Luger, .380 .40 S&W

 Action: recoil operated semi-automatic

Trigger: double-action only (DAO)

Safety: internal firing pin safety

Magazine: 8-round


The soul of Bersa

What's at the core of the Bersa brand? The values, principles and vision that drive the Bersa manufacturer for years to create the best arms to satisfy all of us.